With the PixelMaster technology installed in ZenFone's cameras, ASUS ZenFone has raised and will continously raise the bar for mobile photography. It gave birth to a group of well-known photographers who have displayed exemplary skills in taking photos using the ZenFone series - we refer them as the ZenFone Pixel Masters. Each Pixel Masters, to the best of their capabilities, will lead the ZenTalk community and the ZenFone users to a path of innovative mobile photography.  

Hence, the PixelMaster Master Classes is born. It aims to reach out to ZenFans who's passionate or made mobile photography as their hobby. Each month, fans will be trained to use the ZenFone series to a mobile photography crash course led by our PixelMasters.


Learning doesn't stop there, as participants will get to apply their gained knowledge through photowalks, assignments from PixelMasters and interaction with other fans. Plus, they get to meet new friends who share the passion as them.

At the end of the program, participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills in mobile photography using the ZenFone 5 and build camarederie with other fans and our PixelMasters.




For 9-months, fifteen (15) registered and selected ASUS ZenFone users (ZenFone 5 series, ZenFone 4 series and ZenFone Max M1 series) enrolled in any of the PixelMaster Master Classes will be able to enjoy the following:


1. A 2-week mobile photography crash course led by a PixelMaster. This will happen every 1st weekend of the month and 3rd weekend of the month. In case the PixelMaster won't be available on the said weekends, mentees will be informed prior to classes for any adjustments with the schedule.


2. Application of learnings through photowalks and assignments given by the PixelMaster. The PixelMaster, can also ask their mentees to attend their photo seminars and photowalks outside the program to further enhance their skills.


3. A certificate of achievement at the end of month-long classes, given that the mentee has attended the 2-week classes and was able to submit all requirements needed to finish the program.


4. A culminating activity at the end of the Pixelmaster Master Class campaign wherein they get to showcase their best works with a chance to get/win an INCREDIBLE SURPRISE at the end of the event in February 2019.




What is PixelMaster Master Class all about?
It is a 9-month program of ASUS ZenFone and ZenTalk Philippines that aims to enhance mobile photography skills of interested ZenFans (ZenFone users) using the ZenFone 5 series, ZenFone 4 series and ZenFone Max M1 series led by the PixelMasters, to be held every month.


Who are the PixelMasters?
The PixelMasters is a group of well-known photographers, each speciliazes in various field of photography, who have displayed exemplary skills  in taking photos using the ZenFone series. For 9 months, they will lead the ZenTalk community and ZenFone users to a path of innovative mobile photography.


Who can join the PixelMaster Master Class?
This is open to Manila-based ZenFone 5, 5Q, ZenFone 4, ZenFone 4 Pro, ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro, ZenFone 4 Selfie, ZenFone 4 Selfie Lite, ZenFone 4 Max, ZenFone Max Plus, ZenFone 4 Max Lite, ZenFone Max M1 users. They will be prioritized in the list but the classes are still open for other ZenFone series users. Also, he/she must have a ZenTalk account to join.


How many can join the class?
Fifteen (15) mentees per session. Must be registered via the website and owns a ZenFone.


How long is the PixelMaster Master class?
There will be two (2) serssions led by one (1) assigned PixelMaster per month within the 9-months run of this program. Each session will last atleast one (1) whole day.


When will be the classes held?
Every 1st and 3rd weekends (Saturdays or Sundays) of the month. Schedule is still subject to change but we will inform the mentees as early as possible or prior to the classes.


Can a mentee join other classes?
Yes. However, newly registered mentess will be prioritized for the class.


What if I want to attend the class, only once?
We require mentees to free their schedules on the given dates to finish the whole program.


Is there a fee for this classes?
No registration fee required to join the classes.


How would I know if I am eligible to join the class?
An ASUS representative  will send an SMS to confirm your attendance and eligibility to join the class.